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Easy snap fit assembly and universal compatibility.


The Equalizer is a Short Dart Magzine that is both compatible with Talon- as well as Katana Profile Magwells. While magwell-adapters are easily swapped out, many smaller and enthusiast grade blasters don’t offer that kind of flexibility.

The design is available in many different sizes with the biggest being 275mm and packing about 20 Darts. There is a dedicated Magazine for the Concept Pistol as well.

Wether you have a specific use case or just want to future-proof your loadout, the Equalizer Mag is an excellent choice. Its parts are very easy to print and snap fit together without any extra hardware. The magazines unes readily available FoamBlast replacement drum springs which also make them very space efficient. One spring is needed per mag regardless of its capacity.

2 reviews for Equalizer Hybrid Magazine Files

  1. Leang

    Printed extremely well and assembled very easily! Just three parts that lay flat, and the drum spring. Didn’t require any sanding at all (though I do obsess over the accuracy of my 3D printer and calibrate often). I printed two mags and they are perfect fits to the two Concept Pistols I made previously.

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  2. Bob

    Even after much calibration and reprinting, the Equaliser mags for the DevilZ Concept Pistol still do not fit reliably, often getting stuck in the magwell. However the mags do indeed fit in talon adaptors and katana adaptors, and they are very very sturdy and easy to assemble. Very good, other than the little nitpick regarding issues with the Concept.

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    • DevilZ’ Nerfworks

      Hey Bob, I’m sorry these mags don’t work with your concept pistol and i’d like to help you troubleshoot. If you could send a few pictures of your prints to duewel.design@gmx.de I might be able to help you diagnose what’s wrong.

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