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DevilZ’ Nerfworks offers smart solutions and refined 3D Design for your next Dartblaster Modification project.

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About the Dartblaster Hobby

The Modification and Personalization of foam dart flinging toy guns – Blasters – is an excercise in Creativity and Mechanical Skills that also makes for an incredible sport. Whether it is goofing around with players of all ages or as a competitive team sport, when foam is flung, fun is had.

Modifications to your Blaster can be done for practical gain in shape of increased performance or ergonomics, or purely for prestige.

DevilZ’ Nerfworks Mod Parts in your Builds

Take a look at what the Community built using my Parts and Designs

About DevilZ’ Nerfworks – short

I have been a Part of the Hobby since 2015 and quickly made a name in the German community by becoming one of the first importers for Hobby grade parts from Foamblast, Artifact and Jet Blaster. In 2018 I was able to visit FoamCon and HvZ Endwar in Athens, Ohio as a Vendor. It was a wonderful experience which i would be able to repeat the following year, where I also competed in the Inaugural Foam Pro Tour with Team Paradox… Read More