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Arguably one of the hottest Nerf Stryfe Body kits out there.

Shoulder Stock


The DevilZ Nerfworks Masada Body Kit for the Nerf Stryfe is arguably one of the hottest Body kits out there. With its solid construction and super sturdy adjustable stock, it will hold up in any game environment.

Configure the Masada Kit and Shoulder stock to your Liking. Select the short or long handguard variant and whether to include a worker buffer tube or to source your own.

The Kit includes:

  • Main Color Parts:
    – Handguard in two pieces
    – Picatinny style top rail in two pieces
    – Cheek Rest and Adjustable Stock
  • Secondary Color Parts
    – Muzzle
    – Locking Lever
    – Side Rails (2x)
  • Hardware:
    – Barrel and “gas tube”
    – Screws (all of ’em)
    – Metal sling swivel
    – Spring, Pin and Clip for the locking mechanism
    – Laser Cut Foam Pad
  • Optional:
    – Worker Buffer Tube (Black)

The Kit is compatible with all color variants of the Nerf Stryfe. Filament colours are sourced to be very close to original nerf plastic colours and look great even without painting. Please don’t use black or partially black blasters in Public spaces or at public events.

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