Split Magwell for Caliburn and Talonclaw

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The OG Caliburn Takedown Magwell


This is the original Split Caliburn Magwell design that kicked off Cpt. Slugs development of his own interchangeable magwell.
It is a finished design and I spent a lot of time polishing it.

This Blaster has been made available for free thanks to donations and my supporters on Patreon. For your convenience the checkout process has been drastically simplified for orders with a sum of 0€, so no payment, billing or shipping information is required. Nonetheless I would appreciate if you could support this Project by Paying what you can.

The Purpose of this part is to allow easy access to your plunger, spring and breech, as well as split the Blaster for transport.

The downloadable file includes variants for all types of hardware i have come across, both in full and talonclaw sizes:

  • Original (Imperial/US) Hardware
    • Caliburn
    • Talonclaw
  • Worker Caliburn
  • Metric
    • Caliburn with 40mm PT OD
    • Warburn

The imperial hardware filesets Include variations for Slugs takedown pins, all other files are set up for 6x30mm and 6x40mm Pins.

Print the Upper without support, front facing down and the Receiver with supports only touching the buildplate upright on the angled magwell.

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