Fastmag Loadout Configurator

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Configure your own DvZ Fastmag loadout and profit off heavy discounts!

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The DvZ Fastmag V2 is the Slimmest most unobtrusive way to carry your Nerf compatible Magazines anywhere on your Gear. Make the most of your tactical or casual Gear with a plethora of mounting options and Double stacked holders.

Watch Mister Nathans Video Overview of this product and its different mounting options.

Build the Fastmag loadout of your dreams with this handy configurator and profit from a juicy discount. Combine Single- and Double-Stack Fastmags and supplement them with belt mounted options, or select Belt mounted holders as a foundation and supplement them with a few Molle Fastmags to mount on a Holster or Dropleg Platform.

Every Molle Fastmag comes with a laser cut mounting strip that will mount it securely and rigid to your Molle webbing and Belt mounted options are available for 35mm and 45mm maximum Belt sizes. Picking the smallest one that fits is recommended.


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