Who am I?

DevilZ’ Nerfworks is a one-man-operation, but i wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for a community that drew me in and helped me develop my design skills and my curiosity in this hobby. I’m a Nerfer first and foremost, be it in small local games, high fps games at a paintball field or even competing in the first Foam Pro Tour event at 2019s HvZ Endwar and FoamCon.

This small shop provides smart solutions for your hobby needs to make dart blasting more accessible and help grow our sport. That’s why you can also find many designs in digital form for a small fee or even for free.

Where it all started

In 2015, about a year after my first contact with the hobby both through Youtube videos by Drac, Coop and Bobolol0 and joining the Blasted.de forum, I got hired by Blasterparts as an Intern and quickly grew familiar with CAD Design and managing their two Makerbot Printers.

When my Internship was over I bought my first own 3D Printer and just continued to do what i enjoyed doing the most at Blasterparts. I started selling my printed parts on the Blasted forum and started my Facebook site where i rebranded from my old Youtube alias DevilZcall to DevilZ’ Nerfworks.

FoamCon and the international Community

In 2018 I was able to attend my first international event. Attending a big HvZ event has always been a pipe dream of mine. And after missing FoamCon 2017, I didn’t hesitate when beloved youtuber Bobololo – who I have met before when working for Blasterparts – offered to let me crash at his Place. Endwar 2018 was quite an experience and I got to know many of the people I looked up to since joining the Hobby. To me, selling my Parts at FoamCon meant I made it.

Team Paradox

When Drac announced the first Foam Pro Tour would be held after Endwar 2019, I knew I needed to compete. However it became clear quite quickly that many teams would form out of existing clubs and local player groups. The team-mates I found were quite an interesting roster of skilled players and well known faces and coincidentally all from different states or countries. With that Team Paradox was the first International Competitive Nerf Team.

We spent a lot of time chatting, planning and strategizing and it quickly showed that everyone was eager to put their mark on the upcoming tournament. We trained hard and even got custom jerseys of my own design made. Shaggy’s insight into the Atomic Dart League really helped us come up with a set of game plans that would make communication on the field seamless and gave us an answer to most strategies we would encounter.

When the matchday came, we were prepared as well as we could be without ever having played together. After a close first point won by Beret out of a 1vs3, it just clicked. Communication worked like a charm, our planned openings allowed us to quickly adjust and we steamrolled through the group phase up to quarter finals. Our most notable opponents were Naptown Nerf’s Space Force against whom we played a fourth point with barely any ammo left after some confusion on the scoring system. Our hardest opponent would be the Atomic Dart League’s Team Kickass who we encountered in the semi finals. After a flag run by us in the first round, they managed to tighten up their game and beat us with one elimination and a flag run in the remaining two points.

Losing against the ADLs finest was nothing to be ashamed off and we still had one match left to go. Valour’s Beef Squad brought an amazingly unique playstyle to the field that gave us quite a hard time but in the end lost out to Spectre’s sniping, securing us a well deserved 3rd place.