Brushless Concept Pistol Files by Gonking Nerf

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The Concept Pistol returns with brushless motors


This Blaster is a modified version of the DvZ Concept Pistol. It is a brushless motor powered, 3D printable sidearm with a focus on ease of assembly and hardware accessibility. It uses Worker Talons and compatible magazines for half length Nerf Darts.

True to the spirit of 3D Printed Nerf it is available to download for free. For your convenience the checkout process has been drastically simplified for orders with a sum of 0€, so no payment, billing or shipping information is required. Nonetheless we would greatly appreciate if you could support this Project by paying what you can. The proceeds of this are split 50/50 between Gonking Nerf and DevilZ’ Nerfworks.

Compared to other printed sidearms it features less moving parts, minimal required Hardware and a lower total part count, as well as optimized printing directions for every single part. All parts of the Concept Pistol are printable without the need for supports and fit a standard 200×200 printbed.

This blaster runs on 2 1106 size brushless motors and has been modified with extra space for two ESCs and an Arduino Nano

Required Vitamins (non-printed parts):

  • 23x M3x10 Screw
  • 4x M3x6 Screw
  • 2x M2x10 Screws
  • 8x M2x5 Bolts (For Motors) Loctite recommended
  • 4x M2x4 Bolts (For Flywheels) Loctite recommended
  • 1x 5A Microswitch
  • 2x Emax RS1106 Brushless Motors (4500Kv for 3s, 6000Kv for 2s) – Motor shafts will need to be cut down by ~2mm
  • 2x BLHeli_32 20-30A ESCs (Max width 20mm)
  • 1x Arduino Nano
  • 1x Small adjustable Buck converter (Adjusted to 7V)
  • 1x PTD901 Linear Potentiometer 10kOhm with knob (Or similar physical potentiometer size)
  • 1x Small Metal tubing and 26awg wire for capacitive trigger, a blunt needle cut to size will work)
  • Heat Shrink for the internal electronics

For the optional Fidlock Holster:

  • 2x Fidlock Male M Bolts, M5x8mm
  • 2x M5 Nuts
  • 2x Fidlock Female M Screws

Check out the In-depth Concept Pistol Manual. (Brushless specific install guide will follow)

A formfitting Talon/Katana Hybrid Magazine is available for download with my Equalizer Magazine Pack.

If you want to customize this model and make it your own, consider purchasing the Brushless Concept Developer Kit.


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