Snubby HPA Lynx Front Files

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Big “Compensator” Styled Barrel shroud and subcompact pump mount for an HPA Lynx build

This is an unfinished and untested fileset, doublecheck with your hardware and print at your own discretion.


This is an abandoned project that I may never finish but still wanted to share.

This is a compact barrel shroud that will only work with the HPA Lynx Conversion as it can no longer prime a spring and only actuates the breech of the blaster.

The Files should be functional but are untested. In the Step file included is an additional minimalistic vertical grip, however it is still missing a way to stay fixed on the picatinny rail.

Thanks to Orion Blasters for the original Lynx, Herbmeister for the Metric Conversion and Atch Attachments for his HPA build.

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