Worker Nightingale Belt Clip Upgrade Files by BMag

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Add a locking feature to your otherwise useless Nightingale belt clip.


The Worker Nightingale is an absolute favorite when it comes to ready-built short dart sidearms. Included with it comes a small Belt Clip that – in theory – would allow you to holster the blaster and wear it on your hip.

Sadly that part is entirely useless, as the blaster will just slide out when doing anything but standing still. This nifty 3D Print changes that. With just three screws and a spring from your parts bin you can add a much needed locking feature to your Nightingale belt clip and turn it into a functional and minimalist holster.

This Part is listed in Collaboration with local Nerfer BMag, who will receive part of your tip


  • M3 Heat set insert (optional, print accordingly)
  • M3x12 Socket Head Bolt
  • 2,5-3mm wide Short Flathead screws (ie. sheetmetal screws)

1 review for Worker Nightingale Belt Clip Upgrade Files by BMag

  1. blakbuzzrd

    This design is ingenious. It transforms a completely unusable accessory into a never-leave-it-home item. Well done!

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