Masada Front for the Nerf Stryfe

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Arguably the hottest frontend for the Nerf Stryfe.


This is a cosmetic modification kit for the Nerf Stryfe that adds a Comfortable rounded Handguard to the Front of your Blaster.

The included Aluminium Barrel measures 20mm AD/18mm ID and is 330mm/160mm depending on configuration.

The Kit includes:

  • Main Color Parts:
    – Handguard in two pieces
    – Picatinny style top rail in two pieces
  • Secondary Color Parts
    – Muzzle
    – Side Rails (2x)
  • Hardware:
    – Barrel and “gas tube”
    – Screws (all of ’em)

Additional information

For Blaster

Nerf Stryfe


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