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A compact MosFET Motor Spanning Board to simplify your microwheel build

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About the Board

The MicroFET PCB is a Microwheel Motor Spanning Board with Integrated MosFET and optional shut-off Delay. It offers many different attachment options for your wiring. Use a surface mount XT30 connector and a 90° JST plug to connect your battery and Rev Trigger.

The MosFET is rated for 30V×120A and should be suitable for any micro-flywheel-suitable hobby motor.

Why use a MosFET?

The switches we use are usually rated for 5A or 15A, while some motor pairs can draw current spikes of 80A or more. That means either the motor current gets limited by the switch, or the switches burn up at some point. A MosFET can be used like a valve to protect your switch and make sure your motors get all the power they need.

For more information and how to install, refer to the Product Manual.

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